Kira, Johanna and Isabel’s Cap and Gown Session at UWEC

So it’s the summer before your senior year and it’s time to document this exciting time in your life! I remember how excited I was about my senior year and my senior photo session. You might be wondering, what do I need to do to have THE BEST SENIOR SESSION EVER?! Well, keep reading and I may just be able to help you prepare!

Leela’s session at Down to Earth Garden Center 2022

Session Logistics

Your session will be 2 hours long ending at sunset. We will plan on 2 locations, making sure that there won’t be a ton of driving time in between spots so we can use our time photographing YOU! Please bring up to 4 outfits. We will begin at your first location as planned. You should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time so I can see your outfit choices and help you decide which ones you want to wear at which location. Being on time for a session ending at sunset is important because I want you to get the most out of your session without feeling rushed. Parents or a legal guardian must be along for the entire session, so please plan accordingly to have a parent/guardian along for the entire process! Please send me any ideas or requests you have for your session ahead of time so we can plan accordingly. I can’t wait to hear your unique ideas!! I absolutely LOVE making a senior session one of a kind!

Olivia’s Session at Rod and Gun Park 2022

Can we skip to the good part?…The Outfits

Bring up to 4 outfits to your session! Don’t worry if you only want to have less, that is ok. I have a pop up changing tent that I tote along with us, so you will have private place to change, and a place to check your hair and makeup in between changes.

Carmyn’s Session at River Prairie 2022

Tips for Outfits

-Make sure your outfits are functional and comfortable! Much of the posing involves bending, kneeling, sitting, squating etc. If you’re uncomfortable it will show.

-Classic and thin chained jewelry and simple pieces that won’t distract the eye from your face! AVOID-chunky jewelry or overly distracting pieces. I want people’s eyes to be drawn naturally to your features instead of a piece of jewelry. 

-Wear undergarments as close to the color of your skin as possible. If a strap does show, it’s much easier to remove in photoshop if it’s nude/skin tone in color, leaving your image as natural looking as possible.

-If you normally wear glasses and want them on in your pictures, choose the pair that do NOT have transition lenses or opt for contacts. Also check to make sure your lenses are non reflective. 

Olivia’s Winter Session at Rod and Gun Park 2022
Bruce’s Senior Session at Lowe’s Creek 2021

Outfit Ideas

-A variety of outfit choices that show off your personality. Some suggestions include:

-Casual and classic like your favorite pair of jeans, jean shorts and a tank/tee. Band T’s look cool for a casual look.

-Soft, light and airy. A white or mauve colored sundress or button up shirt with a sun hat or flower crown, light pastels, soft flowy fabric. I love to photograph this style! Light and airy is the name of the game and it defines a lot of what my photography style is, so if you show up in an outfit like this I won’t be mad! Dresses, long or short, work really well with this style, or for boys, light colored khaki shorts and a light button up short sleeved shirt.

-Neutral and muted colors. A classic but dressy outfit in white, grey or tan will really highlight your natural beauty.

-One outfit should be something true to who you are! 

-Special ideas: if you want a special picture in a prom gown or a suit or your basketball or football jersey bring it along and make sure to tell me beforehand so I can choose a great location for each special outfit. I love to do themed shoots on the football field, hockey rink etc, so  let me know!

-Accessories: bring a variety of accessories to your session! Earrings, necklaces, sunhats, flower crowns, belts, shoes etc. I can help you choose which accessories to wear with which outfit if you need help!

-Avoid large logos.

Caleb’s Senior Session at Fairway Park 2021
Kira’s Senior Session on her grandma’s front step! 2021


If you wear makeup-Having professional hair and makeup done for your session is definitely a bonus and I recommend it! A professional makeup artist will choose makeup colors based on your natural skin tones, eye and hair color and style you like. They are professionals, so they know what to look for when looking at undertones in skin and they know what will photograph well.  Plus, who doesn’t like to be pampered?! Don’t panic if your makeup looks heavier than you’re used to, I PROMISE it’s going to look stunning on camera. Lastly, don’t neglect your nails! Chipped polish will show in your pictures, so make sure to have a fresh manicure (self done or professional) or just have clean, natural nails. Stay away from neon nail colors, everything else is fair game! 


Whatever your hairstyle is, long or short, make sure it’s looking neat and done for your session. For short hair, I recommend a haircut the week of photos. Make sure to bring along a hair brush and anything else you may need in case your session is on a windy day.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to talk pictures with you. I absolutely cannot wait to see you!


Kira’s Senior Session on Lake Menomin
Kira’s Senior Session at her home
Bruce’s Senior Session in Downtown Eau Claire
Carmyn’s Senior Session at River Prairie
Gracie’s Senior Session Downtown Eau Claire
Gracie’s Senior Session at Phoenix Park
Taylor’s Session Downtown Eau Claire
Taylor’s Senior Session at Banbury Place
Mykah’s Senior Session at Rod and Gun Park
Mykah’s Senior Session at The Dunn Co Fair
Leela’s Senior Session at Down to Earth Garden Center