Back in January, I was reading about what the new wedding trends would be for 2020. The one that captured my attention the most was “micro weddings”. What is a micro wedding you ask? It’s a small, intimate, yet over the top wedding with a 50 person or less guest list…Ok, HOW did they predict this would be a trend in 2020?… After I got over the weirdness of this prediction, I got to thinking about why someone would choose to have a micro wedding when not faced with being forced to cut their guest list. The answer I found is- because they’re amazing!! Honestly, truly, from my heart, the small and intimate weddings I’ve photographed in the past have been my favorite ones to date. Take a look below and I’ll show you why!

Your Details-

Why is a micro wedding so amazing? With a guest list of 50 or less, you get to spend less money on feeding and seating 400 people, and more money on the things that matter to you as a couple. Your details can be OUT OF THIS WORLD, your florals can be OUT OF A MAGAZINE, you can splurge on that gourmet meal for 50 that you couldn’t have with 350. You can choose a smaller, more unique venue, use a loved one’s backyard, or just use a portion of a bigger venue. Venues often have different seating charts depending on your guest count and my favorite layouts are often the more intimate ones. I’ve been told that even with these over the top and amazing details, you can come in under budget!

Your Guests-

Your wedding day is about the two of you, and your closest loved ones. Small and intimate wedding days have my heart for many reasons. The emotions that overflow and the time you’re able to spend with each person are by far my favorite. The quality time and conversations you’re able to have with the people most important to you are something that can’t ever be replaced. Those moments are something a bigger wedding doesn’t always have the privilege of. I often hear of couples only getting to say a quick hello to each person on their wedding day, but when your guest count is smaller, you can really spend those precious moments with them. Some of the most laid back and happy weddings I’ve captured have been small and intimate gatherings.

Your Portraits-

I’m a little biased on this topic…but when you plan a small and intimate gathering, there is more time for portraits!! HUGE BONUS!!! One of my absolute favorite weddings I’ve ever photographed was a small and intimate wedding with just their closest loved ones in the bride’s parent’s backyard. We were able to plan a trip out to the most beautiful location and spend as much time as we wanted there getting the most romantic and breathtaking portraits. When your wedding day is said and done, the portraits are all you have to remember the day by, and the bride and groom portraits are what will line the walls of your home. There is time for travel, there is time for creativity and there is time to spend together on your first day as a married couple.

The Moments-

I kind of already covered a little bit about the moments that naturally happen with your loved ones on such an important day, but I thought it was so important that I should cover it again. The precious moments between a bride and her parents on her wedding day, or the groom and his brothers are some of my favorite moments to capture. You’re not missing out on those moments at all with a smaller, intimate gathering. You’re actually adding to those moments by having the time to focus on those things that really matter. I just want everyone to remember in this time that if you’re in the position to have to cut your guest list, it doesn’t have to be a sad thing. I want all of my couples to know that your day CAN be even better than you thought it could be in so many ways. I’m sending so much love to you all during this time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support or if you have questions on how to get the day of your dreams.